Project 2: Efecto Fruta

New week, new challenge, new team. This time, the objective was to find a Food Ecommerce Website and to redesign it. We knew that Ecommerce Websites were complicated to work with and that we had to think twice before adding functionalities, but it was really interesting and we were four working on the project.


We worked with the website “”, a small spanish ecommerce that sells fruits and vegetables and that has 13 physical markets in Madrid. Efecto Fruta is close to my house and it is where I always buy my fresh products, so working on this project was a pleasure for me. After having a quick look at the website, we had a small idea of what could be improved, but first we had to go ahead with the research process.


Thanks to the survey (84 answers), the user interviews (13) and the interview of the owner of Efectofruta, we learned a lot about the process of selling and buying fresh products in a very short period of time. The more important insights were the following:

  • When people buy fruits and vegetables, quality is what they want. They also want to find a great variety of products.
  • People buy with eyes, so the physical experience that they live in a physical market is still very important and has an influence on their choice.
  • People could be interested in buying fresh products online to save time and to organize better their groceries.
  • Also, when buying online, it is very important for them to have a large choice of payment methods (credit card, paypal, bizum).
  • Finally, if they have to choose between to collect in the supermarket or to receive the products at home. The majority prefers the second one, the delivery option.


With all that information, we created the following user persona and user journey:

User Persona
User Journey


In order to improve the experience of the users of Efecto Fruta, we decided to focus on the 3 following problems and find a direct solution.

1. Users don’t easily find the products they are looking for on the website.

= We decided to redesign the categories of the website.

2. Users have to enter into each product to add it to the shopping cart

= we decided to find a quick way to add the product to the shopping cart and so redesign the cards of the products.

3. Users lose a lot of time during the shipping and payment section.

= We redesigned the shipping and payment sections.

During the ideation process, we make a site map and a card sorting. It really helps us a lot to reorganize the website categories. This process was essential and we realized how complicated it is to order all the categories of an e-commerce. We then draw the sitemap to have a clear vision of the website.


First, we used the Crazy Eights method to compare the ideas of all the members of the team. With the four versions of the Crazy Eights, we made a first version of the Lo-Fi prototype and we tested it with users to detect errors and to see if they easily understand the User Flow. Finally, after all the tests, we created the Mid-Fi prototype that you can see below.

Mid-Fi Prototype


For the MVP, we focused on that three main problems to give a quick answer to our users’ needs. However, during the brainstorming process, we also think about the possibility to register the purchase of the users, so they could purchase the same products on another moment. Also, it would be interesting to offer them a selection of products based on the products they usually buy.


This second week has been very interesting because we worked for the second time with UX tools, but we also learnt new ones, as the card sorting and the sitemap. Moreover, I really enjoyed working for a local e-commerce. It makes the project more real and concrete.

Finally, as the team of work changed this week, the experience has been different. I had to adapt to the group and find where I could provide value. We had different way of working, but we get to understand each other and provide a good work, and It has been a pleasure to work with Carla Napolitano, Estefanía Velázquez y Car López. I learnt a lof from the three of them.

I hope you enjoyed the reading, and we come back soon with the UI part of the project “Efecto Fruta”.

See you soon on Medium,


P.S. I’m waiting for your questions and I’m open to work. If you’re interested, drop me a line:

Puedes encontrar este artículo en español aquí:




Word lover and UX/UI Designer

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Estelle Martini

Estelle Martini

Word lover and UX/UI Designer

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